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RuinMC - Hub Update
NxTPanic • Jan 3rd, 2023 • 2 minute read

As you all know, we have been working diligently for you in order to start finally delivering you a quality gaming experience.

We have always strived to stick by the motto of "By the players, for the players" and we hope that this update showcases that.


As of right now, we are officially opening the Hub for player access. We understand that this isn't a playable option, but we want to show you all that we are actively working towards your enjoyment.

We are also working hard on bringing you an amazing Survival experience. We expect to be releasing that experience to you by the months end! We will update you all more on that as it progresses. But we can say it will provide an experience unlike any other you have seen before.


So with that being said, we are announcing the opening of our BuyCraft store as well. First options that are for sale are priority queue access to all servers, so that on days we are busy, you can be gaurenteed that you will be able to gain access before anyone else so that you can enjoy your gaming experience. This can be purchased as a standalone item, or it is included in our top two rank tiers for the hub.


Thats right, we said ranks in hub! We are offering 5 different ranks for the hub, each including exclusive cosmetics that can be showcased to your fellow gamers while hanging out in the hub making new friends. All of these packages can be found on our buycraft website,


Please be sure to hang tight as we work hard on launching the RuinMC Survival experience for you all. Come join the hub and see all the awe inspiring work that we have put in to this, just to make a great server for you. As always, we are making this server for you. By the players, for the players.




- RuinMC-Dev / RuinMC-Staff Team

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